About Us

Objectives of The Ashlar Club

The Ashlar Club has been founded to give Freemasons and their friends and families in North Sussex a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people within Freemasonry.

Primarily the Club’s role is to provide events and other occasions, of either a social or (Masonically) educational nature, for newer Freemasons to meet each other and encourage their involvement within the fraternity.

We endeavour to encourage and support participation in our Lodges and in Freemasonry. We promote openness and pride in our membership of the Craft and stress the contemporary role Freemasonry plays in modern society, with particular emphasis placed on its relation with newer members. The Ashlar Club will actively encourage the union of Freemasons outside the Lodge room, and hopes to attract their friends into becoming a part of the fraternity. The ‘younger’ brothers are our ‘future’ brothers and they have some very encouraging ideas for how to congregate socially and we strongly feel we must support these ideas to move forwards in the brotherhood.

Qualifications for Membership

To be eligible to join any prospective member has to be a subscribing member of a Lodge or Chapter in the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). The club is essentially aimed at people who do not yet have provincial rank, however we actively encourage and invite the support of the more experienced masons with open arms either as members or just as guests at our events.

Cost of Membership

Membership of the Ashlar Club is essentially free for life after a one off joining fee of ten pounds to cover simple administration, after that the only cost will be what you spend at the bar or on an event ticket.

Advantages of Membership

So why become a member? Members will receive a discount on some of the events and will always get priority at events where numbers may be restricted. Being a member will also make it much easier to have relevant information directed to you, instead of having to go and find it on the website. It also gives a communication platform for members to offer suggestions and ideas to the Club which we actively encourage them to do. With a members list, immediate contact is much easier, but the most important aspect is to join us at the events – membership is not compulsory or necessary to support the Ashlar Club.